Graduate Research Exchange

Through the TCPEA Graduate Research Exchange, graduate students of educational administration have the opportunity to present their completed research or research-in-progress. The GRE is held annually on the afternoon of the TCPEA Fall Meeting in conjunction with the TASA|TASB Convention.


Calls for GRE Proposals

Calls for GRE proposals open during the summer prior to the TCPEA Fall meeting. A proposal should be a 250-to-500-word abstract of the completed research or research-in-progress. The text of the abstract should include a statement of the problem, subjects used, procedure, and/or results and conclusions.

Proposals will be peer-reviewed. If accepted, students must bring 12 copies of a completed paper to be distributed at the GRE.

GRE Presentation Format

GRE presentations should be two, one-hour sessions of round-table-only discussions (no PowerPoint presentations, no overheads).

Students will be assigned to tables where they will have 15 minutes each to present and discuss their research, with a potential maximum of four presentations per table.